Your regular driver

One regular driver / Every Location / Cheaper than a taxi

Welcome to JR-Drive

JR Drives! Your regular driver

JR Drives! Your own car

At JR Drive you have a one regular driver. He knows your wishes and takes it into account.

You can choose: We will arrive at your home or work address and drive with your car.

JR Drives! Every location

JR Drives! One driver, No hassle

Wherever you live, work or go; we drive.

JR Drive goes everywhere.

JR Drive uses fixed prices. No extra costs and no minimum distance/time. This way you know what you can expect!

About JR-Drive

JR Drive is founded by a group of IVA students. What makes us special is our entrepreneurship and our customer satisfaction. Entrepreneurship shows in our company JR Drive.  To keep our high customer satisfaction we make sure that we are always suitably dressed and that we are always prepared to fulfill you wishes.


We are on time

We make sure that we are 15 minutes before the scheduled departure at the agreed location


You call us

We will make a reservation in our schedule


We drive sensibly

We drive sensibly: for your oen comfort and for maintaining our driving license


We bring you

We will take you to your destination and go to a road restaurant where we will work on for instance school


We do not smoke

We do not smoke, not in your car, not near your car


Want to leave?

When you want to leave,  you call us. We are in 15 minutes at the agreed location.


Joshua Kamp

"Think Different''

I'm Joshua Kamp, 18 years old and I'm studying at the IVA in Driebergen. My hobbies are fitness, computer development and of course driving a car. The most important thing for me is "customer is king".

Roelof Koster

"Happiness is a choice''

I'm Roelof Koster, 18 years old and I'm studying at the IVA in Driebergen. My hobbies are golfing, sailing and of course driving a car. The most important thing for me is that i deliver a comfortable ride to every customer.


Private Chauffeur

A fully-fledged trip to your work or event. No problem at all

JR Drive. We will pick you up and take you to the requested location without further worries. This way you will be equipped at your location!

Valet Parking

Will there be a big event and are you willing to add a additional service for your guests. No problem with the Valet parking of JR Drive. We will take care of your guests cars. This way you can welcome them without any worries


* For valet parking there must be a special quotation  made.

Holiday Service

Are you going on holiday soon? Let your holiday begin as soon as you leave your door with the JR Drive holiday service. We will take you by car to Schiphol, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Maastricht Airport. This way you can start your holiday in luxury!

Restaurant Service

Do you want to enjoy a glas of whine without having to worry about transportation?

No problem with JR Drive! We will pick you up and bring you to the restaurant and when you want to leave we bring you home. This way you can enjoy a delicious glass of wine!

Injury Chauffeur

Are you unable to drive a car yourself? Do not worry! With JR Drive you can get to any appointment without any worries about transportation. Moreover you have the ability to work in the back of the car.

VIP Service

Are there important guests coming to your event? Welcome them in style with the JR Drive VIP Service. We will pick your guests up with a you provided and we will bring them to the event in luxury.

* All our services take place with a car you have provided


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"One job, one price"

- Your own chauffeur


- Every location


- Outstanding service!


- You know what you can expect


* Call out fee possible

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